Dana Brooke Reflects on Royal Rumble Lessons


Dana Brooke Reflects on Royal Rumble Lessons

The annual Royal Rumble fights are eagerly awaited on the WWE calendar because they allow legends to make unexpected comebacks and compete against current talent. Being a part of these matches may be an invaluable learning experience for budding stars like Dana Brooke.

Brooke recently spoke with Fightful about her experience competing in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble event, where she had the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest WWE legends. Although being defeated in the match by four-time former women's champion Michelle McCool, Brooke called the experience "pleasant" and said she was grateful to compete against a seasoned veteran like McCool.

Brooke, though, had the opportunity to learn from more than just McCool at the occasion. Backstage, she also had the chance to speak with McCool's spouse, the illustrious Undertaker. Brooke stated, "It was excellent working with [McCool], getting to know her, and also talking to Undertaker a lot backstage because I was with her putting things together and talking through everything.

Knowing what she has and how much knowledge she brings to the table makes working with her fantastic.

Value of Veteran Talent in WWE: Dana Brooke's Experience

In the WWE locker room, having seasoned veterans who can impart their wisdom and experience to the newest crop of talent is valuable, as Brooke's interactions with these luminaries demonstrated.

This experience benefited Brooke, who has needed help securing consistent TV time since the 24/7 series was discontinued. Even though Brooke and McCool were competitors in the 2023 Women's Royal Rumble event, they could not speak with one another because Brooke was eliminated before McCool even reached the ring.

Brooke's time working with McCool and Undertaker in 2022 gave her information and expertise that will help her as she advances in the WWE. The Women's Royal Rumble contest in 2022 taught veteran talent in the WWE locker room the value of working with legends and the necessity of learning from them, as seen by Dana Brooke's time there.

Rising talents like Brooke may continue to hone their abilities and leave their imprint on the professional wrestling industry with the appropriate direction and assistance.

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