WWE Wrestler Sarray to Depart and Return to Japan


WWE Wrestler Sarray to Depart and Return to Japan

Tokyo Sports have claimed that Sarray will depart WWE after her contract expires. On May 16, during a "Sareee-ISM" performance at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, the 26-year-old wrestler is scheduled to make her return to the Japanese pro wrestling scene.

Next week, Sarray will also attend a press conference to discuss her return to the pro wrestling business in her nation. At 15, Sarray made her professional wrestling debut in April 2011. She immediately became well-known in several Japanese wrestling promotions, including SEAdLINNNG, World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana, Sendai Girls' Wrestling, JWP Joshi Puroresu, Pro Wrestling Wave, and Pro Wrestling Wave, where she wrestled as Sareee.

She finally drew WWE's attention with her remarkable performances, and in February 2020, she agreed to join the company.

Sarray WWE Debut Delayed by Pandemic but Impresses in NXT

The COVID-19 epidemic, however, delayed her expected start date with the business.

The "WWE NXT" roster ultimately accepted Sarray, who won her televised debut match against Zoey Stark 14 months after she first applied. Sarray's athleticism and technical skills consistently wowed the audience throughout her stint in the WWE.

Sarray unveiled a new persona in January 2022 that allowed her to alter her appearance thanks to unique abilities derived from her grandmother's medallion. Sarray's stay with WWE was brief despite this new gimmick. She made her final appearance in a WWE ring on August 2, 2022, when she lost to current "NXT" Women's Champion Mandy Rose in a one-on-one match.

Sarray had previously participated in two recorded matches for the now-defunct "WWE NXT UK" brand in London, England. Sarray's fans are thrilled to see her return to the Japanese pro wrestling scene, where she will undoubtedly continue to dazzle spectators with her prowess in the ring.

Beyond her return to Japan, Sarray's plans are unknown, but wrestling fans around the world will undoubtedly be watching her every move.