Arn Anderson Reveals Why The Brain Busters Name Was Chosen in WWE

Arn Anderson provided some insights on his time spent in the WWF as one-half of The Brain Busters in a recent "Ask Arn" episode on AdFreeShows.

by Noman Rasool
Arn Anderson Reveals Why The Brain Busters Name Was Chosen in WWE

One-half of the storied tag team The Brain Busters, Arn Anderson, recently discussed the choice to change their name when they joined the then-WWF and left the NWA. Anderson revealed on an AdFreeShows episode of "Ask Arn" that when he and Tully Blanchard made their WWF debut, the crowd immediately recognized them as former members of The Four Horsemen.

Anderson recalled that everyone flashed the Four Horsemen hand sign as we entered through the curtain. "The Four Horsemen are dead; stop doing that, we said as we returned through the curtain after lighting a match. You are not The Four Horsemen; you are The Brain Busters." Anderson and Blanchard tried to think of a new name but couldn't agree.

Bobby Heenan, the group's new manager, then suggested the title "The Brain Busters," which, according to Anderson, stuck right away. It was a terrific name, Anderson remarked. It worked because it was unique, catchy, and catchy.

The Brain Busters' WWF Success and Anderson's Departure

The Brain Busters immediately laid a good foundation for themselves in the WWF under their new moniker, overcoming probably the best label groups in the association to win the WWF World Label Group Title.

As it may, Anderson's residency in the WWF was brief; in 1989, he immediately returned to WCW. Anderson says he has excellent recollections of his time in the WWF while considering his experience as an individual from The Cerebrum Busters.

He claimed we were part of a large machine that was resoundingly triumphant. We put much effort into demonstrating our loyalty to the company and succeeded. The Brain Busters became one of the most popular label groups of the last part of the 1980s and mid-1990s, demonstrating that the choice to change their name was tricky.

Also, even though they might have moved past their Four Horsemen period, their effect on professional wrestling is still felt today.

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