Candice Michelle Overcomes Resentment to Become WWE Women's Champion

Candice Michelle had a difficult road to the WWE Women's Championship. Melina, her opponent, was angry with her because she didn't want Michelle to become the symbol of the division.

by Noman Rasool
Candice Michelle Overcomes Resentment to Become WWE Women's Champion

Candice Michelle made history when she became the first-ever Diva Search contestant to win the WWE Women's Championship at "Vengeance Day: Night of Champions" in June 2007. Michelle had to deal with the resentment of Melina, her opponent, that evening, so it was a challenging journey.

Michelle revealed that Melina was against her being divided's face during a recent interview on the "Ten Count" podcast. Michelle said, "She didn't want this to happen, and she didn't want to give me that title. Melina disliked Michelle for being "some woman from Hollywood" and not getting her start in wrestling as she had, which involved attending wrestling school and working independent shows.

While leaving Wisconsin and traveling to Hollywood to attend auditions daily, Michelle worked hard in a different way. Despite feeling resentful, Michelle continued working hard and honing her in-ring abilities. Jim Ross even acknowledged her commitment to her craft during commentary.

Michelle admitted Melina's viewpoint and agreed with it, but she also thought that Melina deserved credit for her efforts.

Michelle Motivated by Melina's Resentment at WWE Championship Night

On the compensation per-view night, Michelle expected to determine what to expect from Melina.

Yet, she knew she got an opportunity, not entirely set in stone, to hold onto it. Michelle felt that the "disdain right now" constrained her to be all she could be and made her regard Melina even though she didn't address her.

Michelle expressed gratitude toward Melina for her activities that evening when they reunited. You know what, I value that since I don't know I would have won on the off chance that you had been benevolent to me back, she said.

Following that, Michelle held the title for 105 days as the women's champion before Beth Phoenix defeated her that October at "No Mercy." The Candice narrative of Michelle's journey to becoming the WWE Women's Champion proves the value of perseverance and hard work.

Michelle demonstrated that she deserved to be acknowledged as one of the top female wrestlers in the business despite experiencing resentment from her adversary by staying focused on her objective.

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