Trish Stratus on the current generation of female wrestlers

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Trish Stratus on the current generation of female wrestlers
Trish Stratus on the current generation of female wrestlers (Provided by Wrestling World)

In an interview with Alfred Konuwa of Forbes, Trish Stratus talked about the position of women in the wrestling scene. Trish compared the time between then and now. Today's female wrestlers have much more attention and cause even greater interest than in the past.

“I think what they’re doing now [to attract women viewers] is exactly right,” said Stratus, as quoted by “We’re giving the women more visibility, and it’s not about just a women’s match now, it’s Match 5.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what gender is doing this match. Back in the day, when Lita and I got the main event of Raw, that was a huge thing. It was history-making. It was unprecedented. Now, it’s very common.

The women are main-eventing all the time. Not only Raw, but they’re main-eventing pay-per-views, WrestleMania etc. The things they’re doing right now, they’re taking the right strides to become better represented and not make it such a male-dominated world.

Coming back 20 years later, I’m seeing the difference. I’m seeing the opportunity. I’m seeing the same attention is given to us as the males, whereas back in the day, it wasn’t quite like that. It was definitely an uphill battle back in the day, and it’s a nice environment right now.

It’s a really good time for women that we finally had a voice and I’m proud to know that Lita and I had a hand in it”.

Stratus on current female wrestlers

Stratus sees huge potential in female wrestlers who are currently on the scene.

She has not forgotten the great potentials that still need to show its full glory. “It’s really special,” said Stratus talking about her WrestleMania match. “Think about our match: you have the past with me and Lita, you have the present with Becky and Bayley and you have the future in Iyo and Dakota.

I’m inspired by Becky and Bayley’s current work. They were inspired from the very beginning by our work, so to see that all come together, it would be so interesting to see how it plays out”.

Trish Stratus