Dominik Mysterio talks WWE storyline, family, and future desires

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Dominik Mysterio talks WWE storyline, family, and future desires
Dominik Mysterio talks WWE storyline, family, and future desires

Dominik Mysterio, the child of WWE legend Rey Mysterio, has been causing disturbances in the wrestling scene since he appeared on-screen at eight years old. After 18 years, the storyline, including the dad-child pair, keeps enrapturing fans.

Dominik has turned heel and joined The Day of atonement, making strains with his dad heighten. In a select meeting with, Dominik talked about his involvement with the wrestling scene and his desires for what's to come.

He offered thanks for beginning his profession with his dad and the open doors that have come his way since joining The Day of atonement. Dominik's personality has seen an enormous ascent since his relationship with Rhea Ripley, the 2023 Ladies' Imperial Thunder champ, with whom he has shaped areas of strength both on and off-screen.

Dominik Mysterio Needs Blended Label Group With Rhea Ripley for WrestleMania 39

Dominik has tried his dad's understanding with a progression of assaults and difficulties, yet he doesn't see a WrestleMania match between them happening at any point shortly.

Even so, he wants to run a blended Label Group with Ripley, with whom he is confident he can win. "I think there will be open doors later on, whether it's with (Damian) Minister or with (Finn) Balor. However, I could like some blended Label Group titles and heck, what difference would it make? Why not have me and Rhea pursue some since I know whether I let her accomplish practically everything, we will win," said Dominik.

Dominik's ascent to acclaim has been challenging. He has needed to substantiate himself to the fans and his dad, who is a wrestling symbol. Be that as it may, Dominik has embraced the difficulties and has tracked down another family on The Day of atonement.

"Man, this entire experience has recently been a gift, particularly having the option to begin my vocation with my father and afterward turning on him and joining The Day of atonement, and how Day of atonement has helped my profession has been pondering, and I'm incredibly grateful for my new family," Dominik said.

Dominik's story demonstrates the force of family and the difficulties that accompany continuing in the strides of a wrestling legend. Notwithstanding, he has embraced the challenges and is en route to becoming well-known in the wrestling scene.

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