Madusa talks about the request that Vince McMahon accepted

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Madusa talks about the request that Vince McMahon accepted
Madusa talks about the request that Vince McMahon accepted (Provided by Wrestling World)

There is always something interesting to be learned when talking with Madusa. Earlier this week, she was a guest on a radio show called "Busted Open Radio." Madusa talked about the idea for the name Alundra Blayze during the interview.

As a result of making a proposal to Vince McMahon, she thought she would be fired as a result of it. Despite this, Vince still accepted her proposal after all. “When we did finally speak, Vince and I, we knew that we had to come up with a name.

He really liked Madusa and I told him over the phone, ‘No, I don’t really want to use that. I worked so hard for that and I just didn’t want to use it.’ And it went silent. Before I was hired, I thought I was fired.

I thought for sure that was the end. But sure enough, he said that we’ll come up with another name”. - he said, as quoted by

Madusa and her ideas

There is no question that Vince McMahon had great respect for her when he allowed her to function in such a free manner.

In the course of her professional career, Madusa was able to return the respect and showed the world how much she is worth. In her opinion, her idea was an ideal one. “[Vince] basically let me choose the name and I was thinking way ahead.

I don’t know how or why the capacity of my brain thinks this way, but it does. Back then, there were phonebooks and I was thinking that I need to be in the front so I’m always in the beginning of every book and magazine.

And I knew that I wanted to be a champion. I know this sounds crazy, but Alundra Blayze Champion. ABC. And he loved it. Something very different. The name Blayze stuck more than anything”.

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