Missy Hyatt says she was the first pick to be Randy Savage's valet

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Missy Hyatt says she was the first pick to be Randy Savage's valet

Few names are as well-known as Miss Elizabeth and "Macho Man," Randy Savage in professional wrestling. Elizabeth provided the ideal counterbalance to Savage's wild and unpredictable persona, and their partnership became legendary.

Together, they were a relentless power, with their storyline as the Uber Powers' prompting one of the most remarkable crossroads in WWE history. Notwithstanding, it just so happens Miss Elizabeth wasn't the best option for the job of Savage's valet.

Missy Hyatt, the "First Lady of Wrestling," revealed in a recent interview with "GAW TV" that WWE initially approached her about taking on the role. Hyatt explained, "I sent my photos to George Scott, who was in the booking, which was Wwf at the time." "We want you to be Randy Poffo's valet," he said, referring to Randy Savage.

Savage preferred Miss Elizabeth over Missy Hyatt due to financial reasons.

Savage, however, had other ideas. "Randy was like he wanted his wife to do it because he was cheap with the money when he found out he was getting a valet or a manager," Hyatt continued.

Miss Elizabeth was Savage's wife then, so she was ultimately cast in the role. Hyatt established a name for herself in the industry even though she was denied the chance to collaborate with one of history's most famous wrestling duos.

She joined WCW and immediately became engaged with a few significant storylines, incorporating a quarrel with Paul E. Perilously and filling in as the chief of the Steiner Siblings during her initial run with the organization.

Hyatt's time in wrestling was fraught with controversy. While some hailed her as an inspiration to other female wrestlers, others accused her of taking advantage of her s*xual orientation. Regardless, she made a lasting impression on wrestling and is still significant in the sport's history.

Looking back, it's hard to imagine Miss Elizabeth playing Randy Savage's valet, "Macho Man." However, as Hyatt's account demonstrates, outcomes could have been drastically different. Hyatt's wrestling career was nothing to sneeze at, and she remains a legend in her own right, despite missing out on that prime position.

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