Trish Stratus on Charlotte Flair match, young talents and comeback

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Trish Stratus on Charlotte Flair match, young talents and comeback
Trish Stratus on Charlotte Flair match, young talents and comeback (Provided by Wrestling World)

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Trish Stratus talked about the match with Charlotte Flair in 2019 during Summer Slam. It was a great match that many people remember today. “I don’t think it was a conscious choice to go back and say, ‘I have more in me.’ The Charlotte match was a perfect ending.

It was a generational faceoff: The best of that generation against who they say is the best of my generation. It was in Toronto and absolutely perfect, and for that to bring closure, I was very satisfied with that. But then having these little interactions at live events, it was fun to have that generational mix-up.

When I retired, I said I’d return if it was fun… and maybe not to pass the torch necessarily but to influence a new generation”. - she said, as quoted by

Stratus talks about young talents

Stratus believes that she can still compete with the new talents that are coming.

Although she had certain doubts, it seems that her form is still at its peak. “There’s an element of proving yourself. You always feel like you have to prove yourself. I know with my Charlotte match, that was my driving force and proving to not only to the fans that I could still do this, but also to myself.

I thrive on the challenge. Can I still hang with these girls? Trust me, before I accepted, I did a few rounds in the ring and had to make sure the question of whether I could still do this was rhetorical”. Stratus also revealed how the return came about; “I’ve been speaking with WWE for a little while now about doing a little something because I did the live events.

There’s always ideas thrown at me. Once they saw me get in there with the girls, it becomes ‘This could be something.’ I have a great relationship with WWE, so we’ve always talked. ‘Would you come back?’ ‘Yeah, if there’s a right moment.’ If the right moment is challenging and I can touch another generation and make a difference, that would be great, and those boxes would have to be checked”.

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