Royce Isaacs on expectations before the big match with Johnny

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Royce Isaacs on expectations before the big match with Johnny

Royce Isaacs spoke to The Alliance Pro Wrestling Podcast Network about his match with Johnny Bloodsport. In the interview itself, Isaacs praised his opponent a lot, about whom he has a great opinion. Isaacs believes that his opponent might have had a match with a 'bigger' name, but Isaacs believes that he will be a tough opponent for Johnny.

“I obviously have to respect Johnny. He has had a hell of a career. He’s been around a really long time. He is insane athlete. Like I think he’s one of the craziest athletes in pro wrestling, any organization, any country anywhere, the things that he’s able to do.

And I really do appreciate him taking a matchup. I don’t think I’m the sexiest matchup on paper for him. I’m sure he could like, ask for a bigger name or someone that like, oh, wow, this would be really cool.

But I’m a tough, tough fight. I’m a tough out especially at Bloodsport, it’s kind of like he has an away game and it’s a home game for me because blood sports one of my specialties. Obviously, he’s done it before and he’s an athlete, and he’s done well, at it.

He was a college wrestler, he can fight. I’m not gonna take that away from him. "- he said, as quoted by

Royce Isaacs

Isaacs announced that there will be many surprises and that fans can expect a great match.

"But I do think this is definitely him kind of coming into my realm. And so I mean, I think he’s going to be kind of, I think he’s going to be surprised. I think a lot of the fans are going to be surprised. And it’s like, a good showcase.

Like, it’s a kind of a lucky break if you want to say it that way for me that I’ve gotten like the biggest, it’s definitely the biggest name I’ve gotten at Bloodsport is Johnny. And I think I’m not gonna like act like, oh, it’s gonna be an easy fight or this or whatever.

But I do think it’s going to be a really good showcase for me, and my skills. I think if he thinks he’s going to do 700 cartwheels around me and I’m just gonna stand there and he’s not going to just catch a blast double and some elbows to the face for his troubles, unfortunately, has another thing coming”.