Butch hints at Pete Dunne's old trick again.

WWE fans eagerly await Butch's possible return to his well-known Pete Dunne persona.

by Noman Rasool
Butch hints at Pete Dunne's old trick again.

Butch, a WWE wrestler, has continued to tease fans about a possible return to his NXT UK persona as Pete Dunne. Butch lined up with Edge Holland and Sheamus when he was called up to the primary program in Walk 2022. However, from that point forward, he has prodded a re-visitation of his old person on a few events.

Most recently, Butch posted a picture of himself holding the NXT UK Championship belt with the caption "remember" on social media, hinting that he might try his old trick again. The "Bruiserweight," as he was known during his time in NXT UK, has been the subject of speculation among fans for months.

Butch may finally get his wish to return to his old trick, according to recent reports. It was initially arranged for Butch to return to his old person in 2022, those plans were pushed back because of the progress of the Fighting Beasts, the group he shaped with Holland and Sheamus.

Now, plans reportedly exist for Butch to reprise his role as Pete Dunne.

Pete Dunne's Potential Return as a Name/Gimmick Change

WWE followers would be delighted to see Pete Dunne return. Because of his aggressive style and impressive technical ability, Butch was one of NXT UK's most popular wrestlers.

He would also have a chance to show off his skills in a new way on the main roster if he returned to his previous role. Fans eagerly await any information regarding the wrestler's plans for the future, though Butch has not yet commented on the reports that he will soon return to his Pete Dunne gimmick.

Butch is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in any role because of his physicality and technical ability. WWE fans are very excited about the possibility of Butch returning to his Pete Dunne persona. Butch is sure to be a significant player on the main roster, regardless of the gimmick he adopts, thanks to his impressive record in NXT UK and the Brawling Brutes' success.

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