Surprised by Sami Zayn's discovery, a former WWE star

Following a disagreement with Vince McMahon, former wrestler Jacques Rougeau admits to not watching WWE programming.

by Noman Rasool
Surprised by Sami Zayn's discovery, a former WWE star

Previous WWE Genius Jacques Rougeau, as of late, conceded that he knew nothing about Sami Zayn before his noteworthy End Chamber match. During an episode of Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the Canadian wrestler made the admission.

Rougeau revealed that after disagreeing with Vince McMahon 30 years ago, he had stopped watching WWE programming. He claimed that he had never watched even ten minutes of any show. Given that Sami Zayn is currently one of WWE's biggest superstars, Rougeau's confession is surprising.

He is one of the most well-known and well-known competitors and opponents to The Bloodline, along with Cody Rhodes and Kevin Owens. After betraying The Tribal Chief during the match between Kevin Owen and Roman Reigns at the 2023 Royal Rumble, Zayn rose to prominence.

The 2023 Elimination Chamber resulted in a dramatic battle royal between Zayn and Reigns.

Zayn's Popularity Soars Despite Lack of Familiarity

The recent admission by former WWE Superstar Jacques Rougeau that, even though both Sami Zayn and he were Canadian wrestlers, he was unfamiliar with the latter before their historic Elimination Chamber match has sparked controversy in the wrestling industry.

However, Zayn's popularity has grown even more since he recently appeared on WWE SmackDown alongside his longtime friend Kevin Owens. There are also rumors that Zayn and Owens might team up to compete against the Usos for the Tag Team title at WrestleMania 39.

Despite Rougeau's ignorance, Zayn remains an important WWE figure and a fan favorite. The two-night extravaganza known as WrestleMania 39 will occur in Los Angeles on April 1 and 2. Roman Reigns will face Cody Rhodes, the winner of the 2023 Royal Rumble, in the main event.

Reigns is the undisputed WWE Universal Champion. How Zayn's career develops over the coming months remains to be seen. However, given his recent success and growing fan base, he will likely remain a major professional wrestling player.

Concerning Jacques Rougeau, he may have passed up seeing quite possibly of the most astonishing and dynamic entertainers in late WWE history.

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