Maximum Male Models Honor Seth Rollins for Fashion Sensibility

Seth Rollins unveils his personal Mount Rushmore by sharing his favorite wrestling fashion icons.

by Noman Rasool
Maximum Male Models Honor Seth Rollins for Fashion Sensibility

The company's most ardent fashion critics, Maximum Male Models, have noticed that former WWE Champion Seth Rollins has been making bold fashion choices on WWE Raw. Maxxine Dupri and Mace were asked which WWE Superstars should be inducted into a Fashion Hall of Fame during an appearance on WWE's "The Bump." The two concurred that Rollins should be remembered as the Corridor of Notoriety for his immaculate fashion awareness and hazard-taking design decisions.

On WWE Raw, Rollins has been spotted in various outfits, including unusual jackets and accessories to oversized red boots. According to the Maximum Male Models, Rollins is a true fashion icon who has perfected the art of taking risks.

When examined regarding his style decisions by The Miz, Rollins stood firm in his determination, further cementing his status as a pioneer. Maximum Male Models reserves the right to decide where Rollins will be inducted into the fictitious Fashion Hall of Fame, even though he may receive his due recognition there.

Rollins remained in fifth place on the list after Dupri allocated the first four spots to herself, Mace, Mansoor, and their most recent recruit, Otis.

Seth Rollins Describes His Favorite Wrestling Fashions

Ric Flair topped Rollins' personal Mount Rushmore of wrestling fashion when he recently shared it.

Jesse Ventura, Billy Graham, Gorgeous George, and "Macho Man" Randy Savage were also on his list. In addition to their skills in the ring, these iconic wrestlers were renowned for their fashion sense and outrageous personalities.

Rollins' fashion choices have become a topic of conversation among WWE fans, who praise him for his distinctive style and willingness to experiment with new looks. He has become a design motivation for the overwhelming majority, demonstrating how facing challenges and being consistent with oneself can prompt extraordinary achievement through the ring.

Maximum Male Models have included Rollins on their WWE Fashion Hall of Fame inductees list because of his sense of style. Rollins is a true fashion icon in the WWE universe because he is willing to take risks and challenge conventional wrestling attire.

Seth Rollins Mount Rushmore