Triple H Intends To Split The WWE Main Championship Titles

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Triple H Intends To Split The WWE Main Championship Titles
Triple H Intends To Split The WWE Main Championship Titles (Provided by Wrestling World)

Triple H has reportedly been working on plans to split WWE's two main Championship titles in a move that could shake up the entire wrestling industry. The Rock could not compete against Roman Reigns in the main event, so the plan was put on hold instead of being carried out at WrestleMania.

Triple H, who took over Vince McMahon's creative control in July, has been working on getting the WWE out of what he calls "the final mess." He believes the company's success depends on having a leading men's champion on Raw and Smackdown.

WrestleVotes and GiveMeSport have reported that Triple H planned to hold two separate Championship matches at WrestleMania. Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, and Cody Rhodes would have competed in the first match, while Roman Reigns and The Rock would have fought in the second.

However, the plans were put on hold because The Rock could not compete. Rhodes will face Reigns in the final match in two weeks, with The American Nightmare aiming to build on his family's legacy.

Triple H Plans To Split The WWE Main Championships.

Triple H is determined to split the titles despite this setback.

He sees the unification of the belts as "the last obstruction" and accepts that the new group is attempting to defeat it. He had stated that when Reigns won the titles a year ago, there was never a plan, and he was given "this mess." The split is anticipated to occur before SummerSlam, despite the unknown time frame.

As a result, there will be two men's World Championship titles, one on Raw and one on Smackdown. The plans of Triple H have sparked controversy in the wrestling community. While some fans are excited about the possibility of two separate Championship titles, others are concerned that this could lower the belts' value.

Unambiguous, regardless of the outcome: Triple H is determined to reshape WWE in his image and leave his mark on the organization. It will be interesting to see how professional wrestling develops in the future, regardless of whether his plans are successful.

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