Episode of Dark Side of the Ring featuring Scott Hall

A WWE Hall of Famer, Kevin Nash suggests a more in-depth look at Scott Hall's life.

by Noman Rasool
Episode of Dark Side of the Ring featuring Scott Hall

Kevin Nash and Sean Oliver, who talked about the subject on the most recent Kliq This podcast, said that a new episode of Dark Side of the Ring might look into post-traumatic stress and the tragic death of Scott Hall. Nash, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame who was also a longtime friend and colleague of Hall, suggested that the A&E biography of Hall did not go into enough detail about the mental health issues that haunted the legendary wrestler and may have contributed to his death.

Nash was also a longtime friend and colleague of Hall. Nash uncovered some of Corridor's convictions and battles, including his strict worries about ending a day-to-day existence and his feeling of control and reason inside and outside the ring.

The proposed Clouded Side of the Ring episode would include Nash, Oliver, and Sean Waltman, one more grappler who worked with Corridor in different advancements. The project, which aims to portray a more nuanced and complex portrait of the man behind the persona, would include Cody Hall, Scott's son, who wrestled like his father.

Lobby, who kicked the bucket on Walk 14, 2022, at 63 years old, had a lifelong that traversed a very long while and advancements, including WWE, WCW, and TNA, and impacted numerous grapplers who respected his magnetism, inventiveness, and strength.

The Personal Demons of Scott Hall: Religion, PTSD, and addiction

However, Hall's personal life was marked by several challenges, such as alcohol and drug abuse, legal issues, and marital issues. Nash implied a portion of the horrible mishaps that Lobby experienced, for example, the scandalous shooting episode at a strip club in 1983, where Corridor shot a man justifiably yet experienced mental scars on occasion.

Nash also said that Hall's religious beliefs made him feel worse because he thought he had broken one of the Ten Commandments by taking his own life and couldn't go to heaven. Nash, who struggled with addiction and other issues throughout his career, expressed sympathy and admiration for Hall's talent and personality.

However, he also regretted that he could not prevent his friend's descent into a downward spiral that ended in his death. The Dark Side of the Ring episode may shed light on the mental health issues many wrestlers and athletes face due to trauma, stress, and identity issues by providing additional information about Hall's life and struggles.

The episode is anticipated to air on Vice TV, the network producing the acclaimed documentary series. The episode's title and release date have not yet been confirmed.

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