John Cena explains the statement that the match with Theory is his last

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John Cena explains the statement that the match with Theory is his last
John Cena explains the statement that the match with Theory is his last (Provided by Wrestling World)

In a conversation with the Associated Press, John Cena talked about various topics, especially those that are interesting to the audience. One of the topics was his statement that the match with Theory would be his last. Cena explained his statement: “I tried to put it in words in Twitter.

I guess I didn’t explain myself correctly. It was the first time I came out into the arena knowing that this has a definitive end. Normally, you come out, you get all excited, OK, this is the next one and I’m waiting for the next one.

I’m not done, of course. I made that statement accepting a match at WrestleMania so I know I have at least one more in front of me. But what I was trying to convey was, that was the first time I looked at all that excitement and energy and realized this is the twilight of that journey”.

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John Cena on Austin Theory

Reporters were interested in why Theory was his option and where he got the desire for it: “You would be surprised at my answer. Because that’s what I was told would happen.

I don’t do that. I don’t say, I want to do this. I want to work with that person. I don’t ever do that. I’ve never done that. I just try and do what I’m told to do and do it to the best of my abilities.

Instead of dictating my terms, I often just try to make the performance the best it can be. What I don’t do and what I’ve never done is curate the direction of the narrative. I don’t pick opponents, but I love to tell stories.

I didn’t pick Austin Theory but I certainly spoke from the heart (on RAW)”. John Cena is no longer in his prime, but that doesn't stop him from still looking for new challenges. “I’m feeling my age, so to speak.

I could use a little bit of rest, but all my choice. These are wonderful things to be a part of. This one I’m really excited for because this movie does not stop. It is going to be action from the opening credits. We have a great team that mixes action and comedy.

I’m also trying to do my best to, I hate the term work-life balance, but I’m trying to do my best to not fall into the trap of workaholism where I just hide in my work and I’m not a fully open, vulnerable human being to the people around me, the people that I love.

I haven’t yet sacrificed my relationships for my work. I’m at a pretty good pace right now where I can hit on all cylinders”.

John Cena