Cody Rhodes Wants To Fight The Enemy Of The Bloodline.

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Cody Rhodes Wants To Fight The Enemy Of The Bloodline.
Cody Rhodes Wants To Fight The Enemy Of The Bloodline. (Provided by Wrestling World)

The WWE Universe is enthusiastically expecting the forthcoming WrestleMania 39 in April, where Roman Rules will safeguard his title of Undisputed WWE Widespread Boss against Cody Rhodes. Since the contest's announcement, Rhodes has joined The Bloodline's list of adversaries, with Reigns serving as its leader.

The feud between Sami Zayn, Reigns, and The Bloodline has been going on for some time, and their fight in the Elimination Chamber only made it worse. Despite his defeat, Zayn remained a formidable opponent and a potential threat to Reigns' reign as champion.

Cody's support of Zayn adds one more layer of intricacy to the circumstance, as it brings up issues about partnerships and loyalties inside the WWE. As the drama unfolds, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this intense rivalry.

Cody Rhodes is excited to wrestle Sami Zayn.

Cody talked about Zayn in a recent Out Of Character interview on episode 98. I thought, "Well, I'd love to wrestle this guy," as we stood there. I'd love to wrestle this guy because, you know, Sami didn't need to sweat me when I was Stardust, and he was right.

He was on a roll coming out of NXT. Now, it is a different person. Therefore, it is a match I eagerly anticipate whenever and if it occurs with a Sami Zayn. Cody stated, "He's a next-level performer and even more of an elite next-level human being." It's interesting that Cody also saved Zayn on Monday's RAW when the Usos and Solo Sikoa of Bloodline attacked him.

After Jey Uso betrayed Zayn and joined the others in slamming the former Honorary Uce, Cody intervened promptly, causing the group to retreat. With the Bloodline's developing rundown of adversaries, the impending WrestleMania 39 vows to be an exciting occasion for wrestling fans.

Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn could threaten reigns and The Bloodline's dominance. The Bloodline's ability to maintain its hold on the WWE universe and how the events will play out is still up in the air.

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