Saraya Champions Alicia Fox: "She Deserves Her Flowers" in WWE Legacy

Saraya, once known as Paige, recently advocated for greater recognition of Alicia Fox's wrestling talents.

by Noman Rasool
Saraya Champions Alicia Fox: "She Deserves Her Flowers" in WWE Legacy

The Divas Era in WWE may not have produced numerous five-star matches, but it undoubtedly saw the rise of several standout performers who shaped the future of women's wrestling. Among these trailblazers are Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, AJ Lee, and the rechristened Garcia Twins, all former WWE Divas Champions who pushed the boundaries and carved their names in the annals of WWE history.

However, Alicia Fox is one competitor who often gets overlooked but deserves praise and recognition equally. Some fans have often wrongfully ridiculed the "Total Divas" star despite her contributions and accomplishments. As the first and only black WWE Divas Champion, Fox's groundbreaking achievements deserve acknowledgment.

Her fellow E! Network reality television co-star, Saraya, is leading the charge for her to receive the respect she has earned.

Saraya Praises Alicia Fox's In-Ring Talent and Calls for Recognition

Saraya, the leader of AEW's Outcasts and formerly known as Paige, recently retweeted a clip compilation of a match where she competed against Fox.

The original poster emphasized Fox's ferocity in the ring, but Saraya highlighted that Fox's excellent in-ring performance was due to her incredible talent and safety. "Her stuff looks incredible," Saraya noted. "But she is so safe.

She took care of everyone she was in the ring with. She deserves her flowers; she doesn't get nearly enough love." The video compilation showcased Fox's impressive wrestling moves, such as her devastating tilt-a-whirl backbreakers and a flawlessly executed Northern Lights suplex.

Although her signature scissor kick was not featured in the video, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has repeatedly praised Fox's execution. Alicia Fox often had limited opportunities throughout her career to display her full range of skills in the ring.

Nevertheless, she consistently maximized her screen time, captivating audiences with her bold fashion choices and powerful moves. As a trailblazer for black women in WWE, Fox's influence and impact on the women's division cannot be understated.

In light of Saraya's advocacy for Fox, the wrestling community should take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the trailblazing legacy of Alicia Fox. As the first black WWE Divas Champion, Fox undeniably made her mark on the wrestling world and opened doors for future generations of female competitors. It is time for Alicia Fox to receive the recognition and respect she truly deserves.

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