Austin Theory talks about the first contact with John Cena and what he showed him

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Austin Theory talks about the first contact with John Cena and what he showed him
Austin Theory talks about the first contact with John Cena and what he showed him (Provided by Wrestling World)

Insight with Chris Van Vliet was a great opportunity for Austin Theory to touch on a variety of topics. At the very start, he talked about how he manifested his adventure in WWE. Even as a boy, Austin knew he would be a wrestler.

One of the topics in the continuation of the interview was John Cena and his first contact with the great WWE star. “Man, the first conversation came about, and it’s funny because I brought up that photo that he posted on his Instagram.

It was at the Performance Center one day and we were all leaving. We got told, ‘Hey, just everybody stay. We’re gonna have a little meeting before everybody leaves’, and out comes John Cena. He took the time out of his day to come down there and talk to everybody that’s aspiring to be on the main roster.

A lot of us weren’t even on NXT TV then. So this was the very beginning for me”. - Theory said, as quoted by “He told us, ‘You know, I’ll answer any questions you guys have, but if there’s anybody that wants to talk to me, you know, personally, I’ll stay here all day.

I’ll go in this room in the office, and you guys, one by one, can come in there.’”

Austin Theory and his conversation with John Cena

Austin Theory was willing to wait as long as necessary to talk to John Cena.

Right at the start, he showed him a photo of him and Cena when Theory was 8 years old. It was an amazing experience for him, considering that Cena was a big inspiration for him to become a wrestler. “I remember waiting like three hours to talk to him.

I just went in there and I remember the first thing I showed him was the picture of me as a kid where I couldn’t afford the actual, like, the shirt and the wristband, so I made my own kind of off brand stuff. But I was eight years old, and I showed him the picture.

I was like, ‘Man, this is probably crazy, but check it out.’ He’s like, ‘Man, that’s not crazy, that’s awesome.’ We got to sit there and I kind of just really just asked, you know, everything I could, you know, because this is the source.

This is the man that, you know, held it down for well over a decade. It was a lot for me to take in though at the time because he was spitting knowledge. But you know, I’m still, you know, ‘Whoa, this is John Cena’, so I’m just trying to take everything in, man.

But that moment specifically, I’ll never forget. I just remember leaving that room that day like, ‘Whoa, like, I’m here. I met the person that inspired me and motivated me, and now it’s on me to build this journey and to actually make it happen and I know I can do it.’”

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