Billy Corgan surprised many with predictions about the NWA and the wrestling scene


Billy Corgan surprised many with predictions about the NWA and the wrestling scene

Billy Corgan was a guest on the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast. The NWA President is optimistic about the future of the wrestling scene. Corgan expects big things in 10 years. “Quote me on this in ten years. I think wrestling’s biggest days are still ahead.

As big as the NWA was, Vince made it bigger. People look at that and say, ‘Wow, that was massive.’ Yes, of course, WWE’s massive. But compared to UFC, compared to the NWA, there’s still room for growth.

That’s why people are out looking at the WWE on the open market for sale because people realize there’s growth to go”. - he said, as quoted by

Billy Corgan and messages

Corgan receives a large number of messages in which people are surprised by the situation in the wrestling scene.

The profit is huge, and it will be even bigger. However, Corgan also spoke about the possibilities that exist at every step. “It was flat when I bought [NWA] five years ago, and now I get business people sending me stuff all the time, saying they can’t believe some of these earning reports they see from WWE, and I always write them back saying, ‘I told you, I’m not insane.

This is not some kind of weird hobby. There’s a growth vector here.’ So what I would say to people in the [wrestling bubble] is stay focused on the fact that wrestling’s best days as a business, if you love the business, you love the performers, the best days are ahead of it.

You see tension there with brand. The story with Sasha [Banks], leaving WWE and being on The Mandalorian, I mean, you see the rise of individual brands. Brock Lesnar of course left, went to UFC, became a bigger brand, and he raised his value, and works a part-time schedule for Vince, where 20 years ago they wouldn’t have allowed that.

Those are small signs of what’s coming, and that includes Jake Paul coming in and stuff like that, or Bad Bunny”.

Billy Corgan