Backstage Update: Roxanne Perez's NXT Status and Stand & Deliver Ladder Match

NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez receives medical clearance, creating anticipation.

by Noman Rasool
Backstage Update: Roxanne Perez's NXT Status and Stand & Deliver Ladder Match

Wrestling Observer Radio's exciting news has revealed that Roxanne Perez, the WWE NXT Women's Champion, has received medical clearance to compete despite recent health issues. At Stand & Deliver, fans anticipate Perez returning to the ring and possibly defending her title in the Ladder Match.

After Perez's Roadblock victory over Meiko Satomura on March 7, when she collapsed and had to be carried away on a stretcher, the wrestling world was worried. After that, it was public that Perez had been admitted to the hospital briefly before being sent back home to rest.

The possibility of selecting a new champion at Stand & Deliver was made public by NXT management due to the uncertainty surrounding her condition. The first Ladder Match qualifying matches were held in anticipation of this outcome.

Last week, there were rumors that Perez was dealing with an unidentified health problem that may have prevented her from attending the Stand & Deliver event. She did, however, wrestle against Satomura and was observed training at the WWE Performance Center following the match, so the medical issue had nothing to do with an injury or anything that would prevent her from wrestling.

According to NXT insiders, Perez might need to take a shorter or longer break, depending on her condition. NXT was ready for any outcome regarding Perez's status because of how the injury storyline played out on television.

Perez's Return to Defend Title in Stand & Deliver Ladder Match

Perez will likely defend her title in the Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver now that she has been granted permission to compete. Zoey Stark and Gigi Dolin defeated Sol Ruca and NXT Women's Tag Team Champion Kiana James to advance to the Ladder Match.

There will be two more qualifying matches on tonight's show: Lyra Valkyria versus Ivy Nile and Indi Hartwell versus Tiffany Stratton. Although this has not been officially confirmed at the time of writing, if Perez is included in the Ladder Match, it would turn into a five-woman matchup.

Her rivals and admirers eagerly anticipate Roxanne Perez's return to the NXT ring. Her participation in the Ladder Match would further heighten the event's anticipation and excitement. The WWE Universe is bound to be overjoyed by the news that she has been cleared, and they can now anticipate witnessing the fierce rivalry between these talented women at Stand & Deliver.

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