Major Update on Randy Orton's WWE Status and Potential Comeback

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Major Update on Randy Orton's WWE Status and Potential Comeback
Major Update on Randy Orton's WWE Status and Potential Comeback (Provided by Wrestling World)

A recent report from PWInsider revealed that WWE plans to bring Randy Orton to Los Angeles for WrestleMania 39. This marks a significant milestone, as Orton has been out of action since May 2022 due to back problems. His attendance at the grand event will be his first public appearance in almost a year.

While there is no confirmation on whether Orton will make an on-screen appearance during WrestleMania weekend or the following Monday Night RAW, it is now certain that he will be present in Los Angeles for the highly anticipated event.

The news of WWE bringing Orton to the city has sparked excitement among fans as it signifies his return to being on the road with the company. This development comes from recent reports of internal discussions within WWE regarding Orton.

Interestingly, these talks emerged after a long silence on the subject. The wrestling world eagerly awaits updates on Orton's health and potential return. Known as "The Viper," Orton has been on the sidelines since May 2022 due to persistent back problems.

He underwent fusion surgery on his lower back to address these issues in late 2022. Orton's father, WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton Jr., gave fans hope in late November when he mentioned that his son was "coming along" and would be back in action soon.

At the time, Orton's surgery would likely keep him out of the ring for an extended period, with a potential return to action sometime this year.

Orton's Absence Since May 2022 Match

Orton has not competed in the WWE ring since he and Matt Riddle suffered a defeat at the hands of Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos on May 20, 2022.

This SmackDown match resulted in the unification of the RAW and SmackDown tag team titles. Since then, WWE has been tight-lipped about Orton's back injury and recovery, providing only minimal updates on his condition. As speculation grows around Orton's possible return, there still needs to be an official word on what WWE might have planned for him.

However, one potential storyline would involve a heel Orton against a babyface Cody Rhodes following WrestleMania 39. Given the storied history between the two superstars, this matchup would likely generate considerable buzz.

Whether on or off-camera, Orton's return to WWE programming will undoubtedly be significant for the company and its fans. With WrestleMania 39 fast approaching, the anticipation surrounding Orton's potential involvement continues to grow.

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