Tony Khan Eyes Major WWE Free Agent for Potential AEW Roster Addition

Tony Khan of AEW is considering his options in light of Goldberg's free agency.

by Noman Rasool
 Tony Khan Eyes Major WWE Free Agent for Potential AEW Roster Addition

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has gained popularity for its impressive roster, Thanks to Tony Khan's keen eye for talent. Even though scrutinized for marking excessive gifts, Khan has figured out how to make a different and energizing setup for AEW and its accomplice, Ring of Honor (ROH).

The news that Goldberg's WWE contract will end in 2022 has recently caused a stir in the pro wrestling community. Fans eagerly speculate whether the Hall of Fame wrestler will return to AEW now that he is a free agent. During a recent interview with Adrian Hernandez of The Bet Las Vegas and The Sporting Tribune, Tony Khan was asked about the possibility of signing Goldberg.

"I have a lot of respect for Bill," he said, admiring the former WWE/WCW star. Bill Goldberg is an outstanding professional wrestler who has excelled throughout his career. He is a lovely individual." Khan acknowledged Goldberg's name value, describing him as a "household name in pro wrestling." "And certainly, that's interesting to hear that Bill is a free agent," he continued.

That is something to follow. He is one of wrestling's most famous wrestlers, and we will watch him.

Khan Considers Goldberg's Potential Impact on AEW's Exciting Roster

Khan maintains his focus as the owner of AEW on providing fans with exciting week-to-week action featuring their already impressive wrestler roster.

Despite this, he did not rule out signing Goldberg because he was aware of the potential impact he could have on AEW. It's always an exciting time in AEW because we have many great wrestlers and exciting weekly events. I'd pay attention to one of the sport's biggest names and a fascinating name, Bill, because I know it's essential for us to pay attention.

If Goldberg somehow managed to join AEW, it would significantly affect the wrestling scene. The legendary wrestler's presence would add to the already stellar roster and pique the fans' interest, potentially bringing in new viewers to the show.

While Tony Khan remains cautious about marking Goldberg, his remarks uncover that he's watching out for the circumstance. With the ace wrestling world observing intently, it is still being determined whether the Lobby of Famer will take his abilities to AEW or investigate different open doors in the business.

However, one thing is sure: as AEW continues to push the boundaries of what pro wrestling can offer, fans can anticipate more exciting developments and surprises.

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