WWE Reportedly Offers LeLe Pons, A YouTube Star, $20 Million To Join Their Roster.

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WWE Reportedly Offers LeLe Pons, A YouTube Star, $20 Million To Join Their Roster.
WWE Reportedly Offers LeLe Pons, A YouTube Star, $20 Million To Join Their Roster. (Provided by Wrestling World)

WWE is eyeing another social media megastar for its roster, as professional wrestling is no stranger to celebrity crossovers. WWE is said to be interested in YouTube star LeLe Pons following the surprising success of Logan Paul in the ring.

Pons confirmed on the Impulsive podcast that WWE contacted her after Paul suggested she try wrestling. LeLe Pons has 52 million Instagram followers and 17 million YouTube subscribers, making her a huge fan base. WWE would undoubtedly reap the benefits of the substantial fan base attending her match in the ring and the significant promotion accompanying this partnership.

Rapper Guaynna, Pons' husband, revealed that WWE offered her an incredible $20 million, though Lele immediately attempted to minimize the financial details. The YouTuber stated, "They reached out and were like, 'She has to do it,'" confirming the company's interest.

I will pursue that path if anything occurs in my career, such as a scandal or something else. You gave it to me. I follow your means." Lele responded, "They can offer me $20 million," when Paul expressed surprise at the figure of $20 million.

I swear, it really isn't about the money." She added, "Mentally, I want to be prepared," underscoring the significance of mental preparation for such an endeavor. Mental preparation is essential. Because it involves a lot of confrontation, you shouldn't care what other people have to say.

I wouldn't say I like conflict. I think, "You're right," whenever you say something to me.

LeLe Pons' Potential WWE Success Hinges on Commitment and Training

Lele Pons has the right attitude for a WWE career, despite her fears of confrontation.

Logan Paul's natural athleticism and ability to play a convincing heel have made his transition into wrestling successfully. However, if Pons accepts such a lucrative offer, she must be wholly committed to training and learning the art of professional wrestling.

Pons must be prepared to win over the WWE Universe if she decides to leap because WWE fans are known for their intense passion and high expectations. Knowing her potential earnings adds to the difficulty; failing to take the opportunity seriously could result in even more scrutiny.

To ensure a smooth transition into the WWE, Pons must devote herself to the physical and mental aspects of wrestling.