WWE Announcer Urges Rey Mysterio's Son Not to Spoil Father's Hall of Fame Moment

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WWE Announcer Urges Rey Mysterio's Son Not to Spoil Father's Hall of Fame Moment
WWE Announcer Urges Rey Mysterio's Son Not to Spoil Father's Hall of Fame Moment (Provided by Wrestling World)

The official induction of Rey Mysterio into the WWE Hall of Fame is scheduled to take place on WWE SmackDown during the WrestleMania 39 weekend, and the wrestling industry is abuzz with anticipation. However, Dominik Mysterio, Rey's son, threatens to interrupt this prestigious event.

Since Dominik Mysterio insulted his father, Rey Mysterio, and disrupted his moment of honor during the announcement of his induction into the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame, tensions between the father and son have been growing. When Dominik decided to disrupt the proceedings, Rey Mysterio, a true sports legend, acknowledged the crowd's applause.

This tainted Rey's monumental accomplishment. There is a growing concern that Dominik might continue his antics and ruin his father's Hall of Fame event as the formal induction ceremony draws closer. WWE announcer Corey Graves has decided to make a public request to Dominik on behalf of wrestling fans worldwide in light of these circumstances.

Graves Requests Dominik to Respect Hall of Fame Ceremony

On the most recent episode of the podcast After the Bell, Graves pleaded with Dominik Mysterio to preserve the integrity of the Hall of Fame and allow the ceremony to go on as planned.

He acknowledged the divide between his father and son and the possibility of a wrestling matchup. However, he urged Dominik not to ruin the Hall of Fame ceremony, which is highly significant to the wrestling community as well as to the fans of Rey Mysterio.

"I am publicly pleading with Dominik Mysterio to allow the Hall of Fame to go off as planned," Graves stated. Anyone who has been keeping up with everything that has transpired over the past year, including this rift between Dominik and Rey, will understand why it makes sense to me.

A fight is a logical conclusion. As of right now, Rey has not accepted anything." "But I'm asking Dominik publicly on behalf of all fans who love this business, who love WWE, and who love Rey Mysterio, let it be," he continued.

The Hall of Fame is sacred. Let the Hall of Fame function as it does. Let it keep its sacredness." Fans eagerly await the father-son duo's next move as rumors of a possible match between Rey and Dominik at The Showcase Of The Immortals continue to grow.

On April 1 and 2, WrestleMania 39 will take place in Los Angeles for two nights. The wrestling community hopes Dominik Mysterio will hear Corey Graves' sincere plea and allow his father's induction into the Hall of Fame to be a memorable and uninterrupted celebration.

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