WWE Talent Redoes Raw Segment for Using McMahon's Banned Word

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WWE Talent Redoes Raw Segment for Using McMahon's Banned Word
WWE Talent Redoes Raw Segment for Using McMahon's Banned Word (Provided by Wrestling World)

Wrestling fans have been familiar with Vince McMahon's list of banned words during his tenure overseeing WWE creative. This list restricted wrestlers and on-air talent from using certain terms McMahon deemed unfit for the WWE image.

However, when Triple H took over creative after McMahon resigned from his WWE duties in August, he reportedly lifted the ban on two terms - "wrestling" and "wrestler." This move was well-received by the WWE community, allowing talent to express themselves more authentically in their promos and interviews.

In January, McMahon returned to the company as the Executive Chairman of the WWE Board of Directors, sparking speculation as to whether he would reassume control over creative. Fans and talent alike were concerned about this possibility, fearing a return to the restrictive environment that existed under McMahon's previous leadership.

These concerns were further amplified when McMahon made an appearance backstage at a recent WWE Raw event.

Wrestling Observer: WWE Star Redoes Interview for Banned Word Usage

According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that a WWE star was forced to redo a pre-taped interview for the March 20th Raw episode after using the previously banned term "wrestling." Meltzer noted that this incident raises questions about McMahon's potential influence on WWE creative.

Interestingly, on the same show, Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes used the term "pro wrestlers" during their promo segment to build up their upcoming WrestleMania match. Meltzer pointed out that their use of the term was unedited and aired as part of the broadcast.

This discrepancy has led fans to speculate about the consistency of enforcement when it comes to the use of banned words in WWE programming. It remains to be seen whether this incident is an isolated case or indicative of a larger trend.

Many fans and talent are hopeful that Triple H will continue to have a significant say in WWE creative, maintaining a more open and relaxed atmosphere. The use of terms like "wrestling" and "wrestler" has been widely embraced as it allows talent to be more genuine in their self-expression and connect better with the audience.