John Cena on partying during the tour: Interesting details

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John Cena on partying during the tour: Interesting details
John Cena on partying during the tour: Interesting details (Provided by Wrestling World)

John Cena spoke to Whiskey Ginger w/ Andrew Santino about the partying and touring he had with WWE. Cena knew how to use the time in the best way. “That was every night. The great thing about WWE, and I think it runs parallel to stand up, is when you book a 65 day tour, if show 4 bombs, you still gotta make show 5.

But yeah, it’s a pick 6. You got to get back in the field. So those nights where you stunk out the joint were the most productive because you could really lean into the guys and lean into the guy you’re working with, or the people around you who you trust and give you an honest opinion to be like, ‘Hey, this is what I was going for and it didn’t work.

Why?’ It used to be a little bit more of a fraternal society where you kind of had to go out afterwards to get some wisdom. Nowadays, the business has evolved and in great ways. I romanticize about that period a lot because it was just super fun, but guys (now) are paid better.

Guys are treated better. There’s less of a work schedule. So I don’t know how much that still exists. I know today, I just try to pass on wisdom at the show because I don’t know the life anybody lives. Back then there was a lot of camaraderie, a lot of brotherhood, and if you weren’t in, you were out”.

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John Cena and Ric Flair

John Cena liked to drink with Ric Flair the most. Flair had great energy and loved company, just like Cena. John used every opportunity to enjoy himself with his colleagues, and of course he had favorites among them.

"Everybody, but I don’t think there’s a comparison, Ric Flair. He just has so much energy. He’s got such a tremendous lust for life and I am drawn to that. I’m drawn to people who love life. There is a tipping point where it becomes counterproductive.

You don’t want to live like today is your last day because it could be, but I I tried to find a little bit of bounce. But man he was always great. Pat Patterson was always great. The late Pat Patterson was always great because these guys not only are there because they want to socialize and share, they have all this fu**ing wisdom.

Ric especially, and Pat, weren’t jaded. Ric still isn’t jaded. We all have bad days, but he loves this. He’s not one of those guys who will drink and be like, ‘F**k this. You don’t understand. They fu**ed me and this is how they fu**ed me.’ Whoever that element was, I just never went around. I just always gravitated towards people who were having a good time”.

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