John Cena reveals that he was bullied as a boy

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John Cena reveals that he was bullied as a boy
John Cena reveals that he was bullied as a boy (Provided by Wrestling World)

John Cena is one of the greatest wrestlers. What few people know is that Cena loved hip hop even as a boy and was different from others in those moments. He confirmed that he was even bullied because of it. “We all either have a story of, I was a bully or I used to be bullied.

Some people have both. I got bullied for listening to hip hop music growing up in West Newbury, Massachusetts, 1200 people, it was jeans and rock and roll and hairband metal in the late 80s, early 90s. I loved hip hop and I would dress like Kid ‘n Play, house party style, rayon polka dot, wing tipped shoes, you name it, like the Chris Cross pants on backwards.

”- John Cena said, as quoted by

Balancing your character

When you are a wrestler, you have to have a good balance between who you are in real life and who you are on the WWE scene. John Cena is one of the few who knew how to balance it in the best way.

“WWE is one of those last bastions of gray area. If you confuse the audience, they’ll see through it and they don’t believe, and this was a facet of my personality. It was kind of like my comeuppance to those kids used to kick my ass when I was 13, like, hey, see, I can do this and people can relate to it, so it felt really good.

But you never saw me from like ’03 to ’07 where I wasn’t outlandishly dressed trying to talk some trash on somebody. lt was who I was. It’s difficult in WWE because the more you break away from the story you’re trying to tell, especially now when the audience sees everything, the more difficult it is for them to believe who you are”.

John Cena