MVP talks about the way he helped Omos


MVP talks about the way he helped Omos

MVP was a guest on the "After The Bell" podcast. He spoke about his collaboration with Omos. Already at the start, he was ready to help Omos and emphasized what he expected from him. “First and foremost, his attitude. I think Omos was able to see what I was able to do for Bobby Lashley, and when I presented that to Omos, he saw that.

He experienced success with AJ, but I think their dynamic was more about them, plural, and less about him, singular. In this case, I made it very clear if you give me the next year of your life, listen to everything I say, do everything I tell you to do, eat the way I tell you to eat, train the way I tell you to train, I guarantee you, you will be a major player, and at some point, a champion, and Omos embraced it fully”.

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MVP talks about Omos

MVP emphasized that Omos has made great progress and is going in the right direction. With pain comes results. “As you see from the time he’s been with me, his body has actually changed.

He’s putting on more muscle mass and losing body fat. He already had basketball footwork, but now his footwork in the ring is improving. I think overall, his attitude towards being a success in the WWE has changed. I think he’s embraced the mental load that I’ve given him.

Bare this weight and the fruits will come when you hoist the championship over your head as a singles wrestler in this company. I mean, who or what could possibly stop him from achieving those goals other than himself? I’ve really tried to influence his attitude, and I believe, again, I use Bobby Lashley as the example.

I said to him, If you want to be a star, you have to present yourself as a star. If you want to be a champion, you have to be received as a champion. Much to his credit, he got a brand new tailor. Now as you see, as I understand it, an entire bolt of fabric is used to make one suit for Omos”.

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