Austin Theory on how he met Steve Austin and taking the Stone Cold Stunner


Austin Theory on how he met Steve Austin and taking the Stone Cold Stunner

In a conversation with Chris Van Vliet, Austin Theory talked about him taking the best "Stone Cold Stunner" of all time. Theory thinks he did a great job. The reactions of the audience give him adrenaline and he knows very well what to do.

“I think it is the best. I don’t think it’s right up there, I think it’s right past the mark. What are we going based off of, height? Because ya boy was a rocket ship. [laughs] When I was on the independent scene, I would wrestle in Evolve and sometimes on other shows.

If somebody hit me with a stunner, I remember one time I just jumped as high as I could and with just the roar of the crowd you know, you wanna bring that energy. I remember being really high in the air and landing on my back and then I’m flipping and I’m on my feet again, flying into the ropes”.

- he said, as quoted by

Austin Theory and Steve Austin

Theory also remembered the moment when he met Steve Austin a little before everything. Austin knew what to do from the beginning.
“I knew at WrestleMania, the day of, [Steve] Austin is in the little golf cart pulling up right in front of the locker room and he has his back to me.

I go up to him and I’m like ‘Hey, how’s it going? I just wanna introduce myself, I’m Austin.’ He was like ‘Very nice to meet you, I’ll be seeing you later.’ That’s how that day went and then I found out that I’m gonna get stunned.

I knew the entire time that’s how I was gonna do it, and I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want anybody [to tell me no]. I’m gonna take my moment and that’s gonna be it”.

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