Wade Barrett on the reasons why WWE needs to sign Nick Aldis

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Wade Barrett on the reasons why WWE needs to sign Nick Aldis
Wade Barrett on the reasons why WWE needs to sign Nick Aldis (Provided by Wrestling World)

WWE announcer Wade Barrett spoke to The Metro about Nick Aldis and why WWE should give him a chance. Barrett is a great admirer of Aldis and the qualities that Nick possesses. “I’m as big a fan of Nick Aldis as anyone.

I think, first of all, he’s a fantastic talker, he’s got a great look, he’s a really good representative for this industry in general, and I love his classic throwback in-ring style. It reminds me a bit of Harley Race, kind of the pompous Englishman element adds to it as well.

I’d love to see Nick involved”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com He believes that regardless of his decision and what will happen, Aldis has great prospects anywhere. “He’s a guy I’ve got a lot of respect for.

I think he’ll have success whatever he ends up doing, whether it’s on the independents, whether it’s going back to NWA, or to any other company – or hopefully one day, come over to WWE,” Wade added.

“I think he’s got a lot he can contribute. In terms of supporters, I’m certainly on board as a supporter of Nick Aldis one day coming to WWE”.

Nick Aldis and his goals

Three months ago, in a conversation with The Universal Wrestling podcast, Nick Aldis talked about how he feels now that he is a free agent and what goals he has in 2023.

“I’m happy to be a free agent. I’ve got lots of exciting stuff on the books for 2023 independently, you know, several shots in the UK, Australia, and Canada; I’m going back to Calgary next month for the Harts, which is exciting for me, and lots of other stuff on the horizon.

What I’m very excited about is just the ability to, instead of thinking, ‘Man, if this was me, this is what I would do.’ To go, ‘No, let’s do it.’ Ideas you might have or concepts you want to flesh out and do.

I have enough contacts now and feel willing to take the risk financially to try a couple of things and see what happens”.

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