Returned Superstar Chelsea Green Warns WWE's Adam Pearce Pre-SmackDown

Chelsea Green's bold return leads to a Twitter clash with Adam Pearce.

by Noman Rasool
Returned Superstar Chelsea Green Warns WWE's Adam Pearce Pre-SmackDown

Chelsea Green, a superstar who has recently returned to the WWE, has entered a fight with WWE official Adam Pearce at WrestleMania 39, where Pearce's position as General Manager is at stake. Since participating in the Women's Royal Rumble match in January, the 31-year-old wrestler has had difficulty returning to the company.

Green maintains his self-assurance despite being ejected from the ring by Rhea Ripley and losing multiple matches on television and at WWE Live Events. Adam Pearce has been dealing with increased stress as WWE enters the Road to WrestleMania.

Pearce is responsible for satisfying the company's most valuable talent because many superstars will wait to make the final card for the event. Chelsea Green is determined to demonstrate her worth because she believes she has been undervalued.

Chelsea Green Taunts Adam Pearce on Twitter, Issues Challenge

Green challenged Pearce via Twitter, teasing him in her conversation with WWE Deutschland. She claimed the 44-year-old official was probably shaking in fear and shared a video of her challenging him.

"Somewhere Adam Pearce is shaking…" Chelsea Green tweeted.

Pearce and Green have responded by engaging in several amusing interactions on social media.

The official from WWE insisted that he was not afraid of Green's challenge and was busy getting ready for the upcoming SmackDown event in Las Vegas. Pearce tweeted, "...or preparing to run SmackDown," and included a GIF of NBA star James Harden leaving an interview.

Chelsea Green is not scheduled to wrestle at WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles. However, the Women's Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Showcase match at the event still has three spots available. Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan, two wrestlers, have already met the requirements to compete in the match, which will take place at WWE's most important annual event.

It remains to be seen whether the WWE official will accept Green's challenge for a WrestleMania matchup as the two men's Twitter exchanges continue. Fans will be eager to determine if this rivalry will end in a high-stakes match with Pearce's General Manager title at stake as the event approaches.

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