WWE RAW Superstar Tozawa Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

In the aftermath of the intergender match, Rhea Ripley lauds Akira Tozawa's performance.

by Noman Rasool
WWE RAW Superstar Tozawa Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

Akira Tozawa, a WWE star since 2016, recently announced the birth of his daughter, Ten, via Twitter. The Japanese wrestler's photo of himself, his wife, and their newborn daughter, which he posted online, has since won over both wrestlers and fans.

Tozawa is well-known for his accomplishments as a former 24/7 and Cruiserweight Champion. Most of his time in WWE was spent assisting other wrestlers in developing their careers. Tozawa shared a happy moment with his followers in a tweet, expressing his joy at the birth of Ten: Ten, our baby girl, has arrived!

We are thrilled! His followers and fellow WWE Superstars who joined him in congratulating him on the new addition to his family posted a massive response to the post. During his time in WWE, Akira Tozawa primarily wrestled Main Event, winning the 24/7 Championship 16 times.

In August 2017, when he defeated former WWE Superstar Neville on an episode of RAW to win the Cruiserweight Championship, it was his most significant accomplishment with the company.

Tozawa's Performance Praised by Rhea Ripley After Inters*x Match on RAW

Tozawa's undeniable skill and charisma have garnered him a devoted following among fans, even though he is primarily marginalized in favor of other talents.

Even though he lost a recent inters*x match against Rhea Ripley on RAW, he received high praise for his performance. Ripley, who is also known as The Nightmare, discussed her thoughts regarding the unexpected victory in a subsequent interview with Checkpoint: "A match against Tozawa on television's "WWE Raw," as you stated.

I didn't think that would happen, especially to a person like me. It didn't fit into my timetable. I assumed it would continue declining, suggesting we must work toward that goal. But I'm so intrigued and excited to see what the future holds for the women's division because we're growing, and you can't stop us, and I know that everything is changing and evolving so quickly.

We shine now." Because of his undeniable talent and dedication to the sport, Tozawa's supporters are eager to see him receive better opportunities on the main roster shortly. The WWE community supports him inside and outside the ring as he embarks on fatherhood. Tozawa is still a beloved figure in professional wrestling. He has a large following and is respected by his peers.

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