John Cena praised Sami Zayn and his progress

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John Cena praised Sami Zayn and his progress
John Cena praised Sami Zayn and his progress (Provided by Wrestling World)

John Cena spoke to Whiskey Talk's Andrew Santino about Sami Zayn and his success. Cena only had words of praise for Zayn and for everything he has achieved in his career. “I gotta give Sami his comeuppance. Here’s a guy who’s been in the business a long time and worked really hard in circuits outside the WWE and made a great name for himself, then got in WWE in the NXT program and made a great name for himself, and then got into WWE and kind of struggled to connect with the audience”.

- he said, as quoted by

John Cena on Sami Zayn

Cena noticed how hard Zayn was working. Zayn has always given his best and it paid off. “Everyone now, because he’s very popular now, thinks it’s like [snaps fingers], alright, it clicked.

His character went through a major reconstruction just about three years ago, maybe even a little more than that. It’s taken him three and a half years, and now all that hard work, and I can see it, I can see how hard he works, and I see how he’s invested in connecting with the audience.

It’s paid off. Everybody loves him because they know who he is”.
In a recent interview, John Cena revealed that he was bullied only because he listened to different music. “We all either have a story of, I was a bully or I used to be bullied.

Some people have both. I got bullied for listening to hip hop music growing up in West Newbury, Massachusetts, 1200 people, it was jeans and rock and roll and hairband metal in the late 80s, early 90s. I loved hip hop and I would dress like Kid ‘n Play, house party style, rayon polka dot, wing tipped shoes, you name it, like the Chris Cross pants on backwards”.

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