Alexa Bliss on The Masked Singer experience and her anxiety

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Alexa Bliss on The Masked Singer experience and her anxiety
Alexa Bliss on The Masked Singer experience and her anxiety (Provided by Wrestling World)

Alexa Bliss spoke to TV Insider about The Masked Singer show. It was Bliss who was part of that story. Bliss revealed why she agreed to be a part of the show. She has always had a fear of singing in public, and this time Alexa wanted to overcome it.

“I thought it would be an amazing opportunity. I’ve watched the show. I’ve had friends on the show. And it just looks like something that would be so fun to do. WWE was awesome in pitching me for the show. For me, it was more so I wanted to get over my stage fright.

I have a really bad stage fright of singing in front of people. I had this karaoke thing happen a long time ago in WWE. We had this Christmas party where all the talent got up and sang karaoke in front of everyone and it was a contest and the winners got gift cards.

I went up to sing and I froze and just started looking around and shaking and sweating and I just sat the microphone down and I went and sat down and just was so embarrassed and I hadn’t sung since. So this was one of those things where it used to be something that was so fun and I don’t know why, but my anxiety just got me.

I wanted to do this to finally face my fear of singing in front of people because it was something I used to love to do in the shower, obviously, but I wanted to face my fear and prove to myself that I can do it and get over that hurdle.

”- Alexa said, as quoted by

Alexa Bliss and her anxiety

She felt great anxiety before she gathered the courage to go on stage. However, Bliss had the confidence to show that she could overcome her fears.

“Oh, yeah. I was still really nervous though. I was so, so nervous. I remember having a slight little anxiety situation before the show, before I went on, but my husband [singer Ryan Cabrera] was there and like, “You’re going to do great.

This is the fun part. You did all the hard work. You’ve already faced your fear. You sang in front of these people already. This is just the fun part. Have fun”. You would think it was a little easier in the mask, but for me, the dancing was easier with the mask on than the singing was.

But I just had fun with it. I was like, ;You know what, I’m not a singer, I’m not trying to come up here and sound like a recording artist. I’m trying to just come out, have fun, face my fears, this is a personal goal, and just have fun with it, and really embrace the Axolotl spirit.’”

Alexa Bliss