Cody Rhodes Responds to Roman Reigns' Remarks About "Running Away."

A recent interview reveals Cody Rhodes' thoughts on his ongoing rivalry with Roman Reigns as WrestleMania 39 approaches.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes Responds to Roman Reigns' Remarks About "Running Away."

Cody Rhodes addressed Roman Reigns' remarks from the March 20 edition of Raw, in which Reigns accused Rhodes of "running away" when confronted with adversity, in a recent interview with WrestleJoy. The highly anticipated WrestleMania 39 match between the two wrestlers will take place on April 2 and feature Reigns defending the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Rhodes.

During their warmed trade on Crude, Rules reprimanded Rhodes for leaving WWE when he was Stardust and for leaving AEW, the advancement he began. When Reigns returned to WWE, he also mentioned Cody's pec injury and informed him that he would not become the champion.

Reigns made a controversial comment when he told Cody to "run like a little bitch" or make a decision his father would be proud of. The crowd reacted strongly to this.

Cody Rhodes Recognizes Challenge and Desire for Self-Creation

Cody Rhodes acknowledged that he had eluded danger and thanked Reigns for raising the issue.

"I'd rather create the process," Rhodes said, elaborating on his decision to forge his course rather than relying on an established procedure. I had to move away from where I was stung, and Roman is correct that the business stung me.

Given WWE's long-term investment in Reigns, Rhodes also noted the irony in his remarks. Rhodes praised Reigns as a "special" WWE performer despite the criticism, demonstrating reverence and respect for his talent. Rhodes, on the other hand, defended his decision to alter course in response to difficulties, posing the question of whether doing so is less valuable than ignoring them.

While acknowledging his shortcomings and accomplishments in the wrestling industry, Rhodes emphasized that it is up to the fans to evaluate their journeys and stories. Cody responded to Reigns' criticism of Rhodes for running away, implying that The Bloodline members might abandon Reigns following their WrestleMania match.

Leading the pack up to WrestleMania 39, Rhodes is booked to confront Solo Sikoa of The Bloodline on the upcoming Walk 27th episode of Crude, while Rhodes and Rules will have one last eye-to-eye conflict on the Walk 31st episode of Smackdown.

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