Mark Henry on the reasons why WWE has to push Cody Rhodes

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Mark Henry on the reasons why WWE has to push Cody Rhodes
Mark Henry on the reasons why WWE has to push Cody Rhodes (Provided by Wrestling World)

The main event of WrestleMania 39 will feature Cody Rhodes taking on Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the main event. The fans are eagerly awaiting this big match, which will surely be one of the best in the last few years.

Mark Henry, legendary WWE wrestler and Hall of Famer spoke about Cody Rhodes and stressed that he should be the main face of WWE RAW.
“That’s saying a lot when you got Roman Reigns, you know, on the ballot. I mean, there’s a load of talent that we’re seeing that this guy is taking precedence over, and that means something.

Like, he moves the needle, and he’s everything now that is kind of looked at in the office as somebody that can carry the load”. - he said, as quoted by

Mark Henry on Cody Rhodes

Henry believes that the ideal move would be to 'push' Cody Rhodes to the stars now.

Although he is already a star, Henry expects WWE to do the maximum regarding this great wrestler. “He’s the suit-wearing, professionally polished personified thing that Vince [McMahon] loves so much. As well as, why would you bring in somebody with the aura of Cody Rhodes, where he came from in that company [AEW], and not push that guy to the moon? If you don’t, it’s a bad investment”.

A month ago, in an interview for Sportkeeda's WrestleBinge podcast, Mark Henry talked about who is the best wrestler and promo worker in 2022. He didn't think long. “I would have to pick Roman Reigns. Roman reigns has his own gravitational pull if he was a planet.

The whole show is based around him. He’s gave life like a mother and father to The Usos as well as Sami Zayn and now, he’s done the same thing with Solo. Roman Reigns is, right now, the hottest wrestler in the world”.

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