Jim Ross Laments his Absence From the Jerry Lawler Documentary

Jim Ross, a legend in wrestling, shares his thoughts on the most recent Lawler documentary.

by Noman Rasool
Jim Ross Laments his Absence From the Jerry Lawler Documentary

Jim Ross, a legendary wrestling commentator, talked about WrestleMania XIV and the A&E documentary about Jerry "The King" Lawler in a recent episode of the podcast "Grilling JR." Despite his appreciation for the documentary, Ross admitted his disappointment at not being included in the final cut.

Lawler and Jim Ross, well-known figures in the wrestling community, formed one of the most well-known commentary teams in wrestling history. He remembered the time he enjoyed with Lawler and the numerous significant minutes they shared on-screen.

Ross stated, "The recent documentary with Lawler enjoyed me." I was frustrated that I was removed from it. Although I was interviewed and provided numerous comments, the decision not to use me was made somewhere along the way, so I did not make the edit regarding my analysis.

Mixed Reactions to Lawler Documentary; Fans Disappointed by Ross's Exclusion

Fans' social media responses to the short hour-long Jerry Lawler A&E documentary varied. While others praised the documentary for capturing the essence of Lawler's wrestling career, others stated that time constraints prevented the inclusion of meaningful content.

However, given Ross's lengthy relationship with Lawler, many fans shared his disappointment at being left out of the documentary. "It's hard to do a show with Lawler, Austin, or a lot of those guys without at least hearing my voice, so at least I know I existed in that era, and it wasn't a figment of my imagination," Ross continued when discussing his thoughts regarding the documentary.

We were there performing our duties." "So, that was a little bump in the road for me," he continued. I was interested to see what they used. You never know. I only get the chance to watch that after it airs. Regardless, that was a minor disappointment but not a significant one.

The show's excellence surpassed everything. The documentary's success outweighed any adverse effects it might have had. Despite his disappointment, Jim Ross was still pleased with the documentary's overall quality and success.

He acknowledged that the show's excellence outweighed any negative feelings, even though his exclusion was a minor setback. Ross's remarks emphasize the significance of recognizing the contributions of those who helped shape the wrestling industry and highlight his dedication and passion for it.

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