Rhea Ripley: I would love to face Gunther

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Rhea Ripley: I would love to face Gunther
Rhea Ripley: I would love to face Gunther (Provided by Wrestling World)

Rhea Ripley talked about interesting topics in an interview with SPORTbible.com. One of the topics was Gunther and her potential match with him. Although this option sounds ridiculous to many, Ripley believes that it would be a great thing for both her and women's wrestling.

“I would love to face Gunther. I would absolutely be down for that. I would love to try [to] go for the Intercontinental Championship – it would be another history-making event which is all I want [to] do. I want to be remembered for breaking the stereotype for women at the same time”.

- she said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Beth Phoenix

The career of Beth Phoenix has been one of the most successful careers we have ever seen. Ripley has watched and idealized Phoenix since her earliest days. The way Phoenix entered the ring was one of the things that particularly impressed her.

Phoenix didn't want to look back on anything but herself and her success. It is a moment that will remain in her memory for the rest of her life when she was standing in the ring with her
“She is one of the main women that I idolised growing up in the WWE just because she looked different, she had muscle, she stood out as this really really strong force.

I remember seeing her get crap for the way that she looked and I hated that and it reminded me of people picking on me for the way I looked. But seeing her go out there and not care about anything and just be herself – I idolised that.

So to be able to step into the ring with her and even just go face to face and just have these two beefy girls looking at each other, ready to kill, I live for those moments right there”.

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