Jeff Jarrett on the AEW Canadian Show and Kenny Omega's match


Jeff Jarrett on the AEW Canadian Show and Kenny Omega's match
Jeff Jarrett on the AEW Canadian Show and Kenny Omega's match

"My World with Jeff Jarrett" was a great opportunity for Jeff Jarrett to talk about interesting topics. One of the topics was the involvement of Martha Hart in AEW's Canadian shows. Jarrett himself was surprised by the sequence of the situation, considering that great things were done.

“I’m still amazed just how it all kind of fell into place and the Feldman agency, which is Canadian, they represent all kinds of music acts, and literally a touring agency, and they’re in the merchandise business and sponsorship business.

But coming together, we formed a relationship with them and essentially their first order of business, because they are in the house rules business, if you will, non televised, you know, Forbidden Door, sold out. Lots of Canadian shows are coming up this summer.

But they spearheaded the Stampede and for that to fall into place, Mox went out and did the press conference. Renee went out and did the press conference. For Martha Hart, man, just having the opportunity to, on some level, being able to work with Owen’s family again, it’s cool.

It’s like a dream come true. Never, ever in my wildest dreams did I think this opportunity, so pretty fired up about that”. - he said, as quoted by

Jeff Jarrett on Kenny Omega vs. Vikingo match

Jarrett also commented on Kenny Omega vs.

Vikingo match. Jeff is delighted with what Omega does and thinks that its quality is really top-notch. “I really tip my hat to Kenny Omega. Kenny, I guess at times, which is great, he evokes emotion. There is a Japanese style, there’s an American style, and yes, there’s a Lucha Libre style and I tip my cap to both guys, but my goodness, man.

Maybe that style isn’t for everybody, but the clinic that they put on, I think Konnan called it art, I thought it was a well put together because it was a cold match. When they walk down to the ramp, there’s no real story behind it, a little bit in AAA, but in essence, it was a cold match.

That’s what impressed me the most. Go out and tell a story on a cold match and tear the house down, and that’s what they did. I mean, folks go back and watch it. Kenny sold his ass off for a lot of it. Kenny in Trios tears the house down, but Kenny is in his element as a single. He’s a fantastic singles wrestler because he’s telling a Kenny story from bell to bell”.

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