Cody Rhodes Claims to Be WWE's Face


Cody Rhodes Claims to Be WWE's Face
Cody Rhodes Claims to Be WWE's Face

Cody Rhodes has sparked a debate by asserting that he is already the face of WWE, despite Roman Reigns' impressive reign as the top champion since SummerSlam 2020. Reigns has held the championship for almost 1,000 days, earning him the undisputed status of the face of the promotion.

However, during a recent interview on the SI Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina, Cody Rhodes challenged this notion. When asked whether he would feel increased pressure if he defeated Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 and became the new face of WWE, Rhodes responded with confidence.

He argued that for the past four months, he had already been the company's face. While acknowledging Reigns' status as a full-time superstar and current champion, Rhodes pointed out that, unlike Reigns, he makes appearances in every town and city, even while injured.

Cody Rhodes Challenges Reigns

Cody Rhodes' assertion that he is the face of WWE instead of Roman Reigns rests on two crucial points. Firstly, Rhodes contends that Reigns' part-time schedule negatively impacts his standing as the company's face.

While Rhodes doesn't outright label Reigns as a part-timer, he insinuates that this aspect diminishes Reigns' claim as the top star in WWE. By emphasizing his full-time commitment, Rhodes is challenging the legitimacy of Reigns' position in the company.

Second, Rhodes emphasizes his popularity with the WWE audience. He cites visible support from fans in the front rows and the company's decision to keep him undefeated since his return as evidence of his success in winning the audience's loyalty.

Rhodes believes his accomplishments and fan backing justify his claim of being the company's face, even ahead of Reigns. Cody Rhodes has boldly stated that he is already the face of WWE, despite Roman Reigns' long-standing reign as champion.

Rhodes bases his argument on his full-time commitment to the promotion and his undeniable popularity with fans. With WrestleMania 39 fast approaching, it remains to be seen if Rhodes can dethrone Reigns and officially become the new face of WWE.

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