Moxley Praises Marina Shafir's Potential

Jon Moxley discusses Marina Shafir's impressive potential and skills in AEW.

by Noman Rasool
Moxley Praises Marina Shafir's Potential

Jon Moxley, former AEW World Champion and professional wrestling veteran, recently praised Marina Shafir for her exceptional potential in the wrestling world. He shared his thoughts on Shafir during an appearance on Renee Paquette's The Sessions podcast.

Moxley discussed the former MMA competitor's transition to professional wrestling, emphasizing her great judo and martial arts abilities. Although Shafir is relatively new to the wrestling world, Moxley observed her impressive performance at Bloodsport, an event featuring a hybrid of wrestling and MMA.

In this setting, Shafir appeared to be in her element, displaying her movements' unique style and fluidity. Moxley believes incorporating this side of Shafir into her AEW performances could significantly enhance the women's division.

Shafir's Unique AEW Potential

According to Moxley, Shafir possesses a unique skill set in AEW that sets her apart from other wrestlers. "Marina Shafir has so much potential. She is the only one of the species that we have at AEW.

There is nobody else, and we only have one of her. I see her wrestling differently than everybody. Looking, talking, and acting differently than everybody," he said. Moxley details Shafir's extensive martial arts skills, high-level judo, and MMA experience, which he believes make her a natural fit for professional wrestling.

Moxley also shared some advice he offered Shafir, encouraging her to showcase her exceptional footwork and athleticism by potentially wrestling barefoot, as she did at Bloodsport. He emphasized that doing so could create a dynamic new dimension in her wrestling persona.

Furthermore, Moxley commended Shafir's commitment to improving her skills and adapting to professional wrestling. As Shafir continues to gain experience in the ring, Moxley is confident that she will excel in the industry.

He recalled a match she had against Athena, during which he noticed a subtle yet impactful shift in gears, indicating that Shafir was finding her groove in the wrestling world. In conclusion, Jon Moxley's praise of Marina Shafir's potential and unique skills speaks volumes about her future in professional wrestling.

As she continues to develop and hone her craft, Shafir will make a significant impact on the AEW women's division and the wrestling world.

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