Charlotte Flair's WWE Bucket List Goals


Charlotte Flair's WWE Bucket List Goals

Over the past decade, Charlotte Flair has significantly impacted the world of WWE. Currently recognized as a 14-time world champion, she has also held the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship once and won a Royal Rumble match.

Additionally, she was one of the pioneering female wrestlers to headline a WrestleMania event. As she gears up for her seventh WrestleMania appearance, fans and critics alike are curious to know what goals remain for "The Queen" in her illustrious career.

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Flair was asked if any accomplishments were still on her bucket list. "Well, I can beat my dad's record for one, to hold the most world titles in the company," Flair shared. She was referring to her father, the legendary Ric Flair, who holds a record 16 world championships.

"And I've never won Money in the Bank," she added. Although Flair participated in the inaugural women's Money in the Bank ladder match in 2017, she needed help to secure victory, losing to Carmella. The reigning "SmackDown" Women's Champion addressed the double standard that exists when it comes to women's achievements in the wrestling industry.

"Do we ask men that question, though? When have the men do it all, like, if a guy's done it all? I don't know," she questioned. Flair highlighted that women's accomplishments are often prefixed with "first," while the same isn't true for their male counterparts.

"When a guy's a world champion, you don't go, 'What's next?' You want him to be world champion."

Flair's Babyface Turn Welcomed

Despite frequently being in the spotlight, Flair experienced a warm reception from fans when she returned to the ring in December after an extended break.

This positive crowd reaction led to her taking on the role of a babyface for the first time in a long while. As Charlotte Flair continues to break barriers and set new records in WWE, her focus remains on achieving even greater heights.

With her eyes set on surpassing her father's history and winning the Money in the Bank, she is determined to cement her legacy as one of the most accomplished wrestlers ever. As the landscape of women's wrestling continues to evolve, it's evident that Flair will play a significant role in shaping its future, inspiring the next generation of female wrestlers to chase their dreams and defy expectations.

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