Bianca Belair Assists WWE Stars with Wardrobe

Bianca Belair's Creative Side Shines in WWE

by Atia Mukhtar
Bianca Belair Assists WWE Stars with Wardrobe

Bianca Belair is renowned for her incredible in-ring athleticism, but she possesses another exceptional talent gradually gaining attention in the WWE universe. Fans might be surprised to learn that Belair is also a skilled costume designer who creates her iconic ring gear.

During an interview with "DC 101," Belair opened up about her passion for fashion design and revealed that she frequently helps fellow WWE Superstars with their outfits. "Some will come to me last minute in the locker room.

If there's a wardrobe malfunction, I've hand sewn some of the gear on some of the ladies, even some of the announcers, if they've busted a hole in their dress. I'm in there helping them sew it up," she explained. Belair added that she enjoys collaborating with her colleagues, exchanging ideas and inspiration for their ring attire.

Belair's Family Fashion Endeavors

The talented wrestler's passion for designing has become a family affair. Belair's husband, Montez Ford, also receives her custom-made clothing. Although she typically creates her gear at home, Belair shared that she crafted her outfit for the 2022 Crown Jewel Premium Live Event while traveling.

Throughout her WWE career, Belair has sported some truly memorable ensembles. One standout example is the costume she wore during last year's WrestleMania, which was inspired by a fan's design. As anticipation builds for her third WrestleMania match this weekend, fans are eager to see if Belair has another show-stopping outfit in the store.

The Raw Women's Champion will defend her title against Asuka on Night 2 of WrestleMania 39. Belair's unique blend of athleticism and creativity has made her a fan favorite in the WWE. Her dedication to crafting her gear and assisting fellow Superstars with their wardrobe highlights her versatility as a performer and her commitment to the WWE community.

Belair's contributions to professional wrestling will surely leave a lasting impression as she continues to make a name for herself both in and out of the ring.

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