Cody Rhodes on the pandemic and the impact on AEW


Cody Rhodes on the pandemic and the impact on AEW
Cody Rhodes on the pandemic and the impact on AEW

Cody Rhodes spoke to Bleacher Report about interesting topics in the wrestling scene. Rhodes spoke about the progress of AEW as well as the impact of the pandemic on the whole situation. It was not easy at all in those moments.

"People forget that during the early AEW days, you have this really hot thing and then the pandemic hits. You’re trying to figure out how to keep producing a TV show when half your colleagues are on the West Coast, so during that time, he didn’t sleep.

It was work, work, work”. - he said, as quoted by Rhodes has always respected young wrestlers and wanted to give them a chance. “I was letting some of them beat me long before they should ever beat me.

I wanted them to succeed, and I still do, but it wasn’t time for me to be a coach. It was time for me to be a player”.

Cody Rhodes on MJF

Rhodes recently spoke to Ariel Helwani about the potential arrival of MJF in WWE, and revealed his opinion on such a move; “I think he could be a big star anywhere.

He has all the tools because he’s so young. He has all the tools to develop. You’re not seeing his final form yet. His final form is probably ten years from now. That’s who he is. That all depends on if he sticks to the good side of this and he doesn’t lose his head and his ego doesn’t get too big, I’m talking about the man, not the character, and he still has a passion.

Sometimes, your passion can wane. He’s one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. If he keeps the passion, sure. Adjustments wise to come here, he’s already doing it. He’s put on some muscle. If you’re going to develop and put on muscle, you have to here.

If you don’t, you’re standing across from Drew McIntyre, and you’re going to look like a clown because that guy is a monster. You have to. Sometimes it’s in the presentation. It’s okay if you have a little heel in your boot, you know what I’m saying? You have to do all those things and that might be one thing he’d have to work on a little bit, is to make sure he’s not considered small.

I don’t think he’s small. If that happens for him, great. I don’t know if it would”.

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