Logan Paul on his plans and the reasons for signing a contract with WWE


Logan Paul on his plans and the reasons for signing a contract with WWE
Logan Paul on his plans and the reasons for signing a contract with WWE

Logan Paul spoke to Ariel Helwani of BT Sport about WrestleMania 39 and his plans. Paul is overjoyed with his success and progress. He did not expect such a rapid development of the situation. “Dude, I have no idea. I seriously don’t know how I got thrown into this world and ended up really liking it.

I think back to this rookie year, because it’s about to end, and I’m pretty proud of my accomplishments thus far in the sense of just making moments, like memorable moments. That’s why I do it. I feel like I am in a unique position where I can create memories that last a lifetime for viewers, and that’s significant.

That feels cool and I get to do it again this weekend while I turn 28. Like, I don’t know, I always thought that was weird I was born on April Fool’s, like I’m a cosmic joke, literally, and then all of a sudden, I take up this wrestling thing and it feels like a calling, and WrestleMania, their Super Bowl, happens to be on my birthday.

Like it just feels like the stars all aligned for this one thing involving me. I’m honored and excited”. - he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Logan Paul talks about his WWE contract

Paul revealed the reasons why he signed with WWE after his debut.

Logan has only words of praise for WWE and what they are currently doing. “It was a case study to see if I could do it. I think my manager and I after WrestleMania, we both kind of looked at each other, like, hey, let’s lean into this, and they agreed.

The WWE and I are super symbiotic. They’re such a good, creative, innovative, nuanced, rapid pace organization that really fits my type of creativity. Even this weekend, you’re gonna see stuff you haven’t seen in three decades.

I think my entrance and new theme song will be iconic, hopefully. I mean, the match is insane. It’s got to be my best yet, I think. It has to be”.

Logan Paul

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