WWE's Top Female Star Confronts Hulk Hogan: A 2-Year Throwback


WWE's Top Female Star Confronts Hulk Hogan: A 2-Year Throwback
WWE's Top Female Star Confronts Hulk Hogan: A 2-Year Throwback

WWE Superstar Bayley recently took to Instagram to share a series of photos and recall a memorable confrontation with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 37. The event, two years ago, saw Bayley assert herself and make it clear that legends like Hogan wouldn't disrespect her.

During WrestleMania 37, Hulk Hogan and Titus O'Neil appeared in a segment expressing gratitude to the WWE Universe. However, Bayley interrupted the duo, challenging and confronting them. The Bella Twins soon entered, attacking Bayley – also known as The Role Model – and closing the segment with a bang.

Bayley Reminisces on Hogan's Confrontation

Bayley's latest Instagram post features several snapshots from that particular segment, accompanied by a lengthy caption in which she reminisces about the experience. Here's a snippet from her caption: "I stood up to Hulk Hogan, crashed the commentary desk, and then got thrown down the damn ramp and rolled for about 100 yards.

Thank God Bianca and Sasha's main event that year made history, or else I would've kept rolling back home. Embarrassed and ashamed. Never again. I'll never forget that feeling." Interestingly, Hogan's appearance at the two-night WrestleMania 37 event received a mixed response from fans in attendance.

The WWE Hall of Famer faced significant backlash, with many fans reacting negatively to his presence. Hulk Hogan has long been a polarizing figure in professional wrestling. The Hall of Famer's career has been marked by numerous ups and downs, with sporadic appearances in WWE programming.

His most recent appearance occurred at the RAW 30 event. As for Bayley, injuries prevented her from participating in WrestleMania 37 and last year's event. However, The Role Model will compete in a high-stakes six-woman Tag Team match this year.

Bayley will join forces with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY as part of the Damage CTRL team to face off against wrestling legends Becky Lynch, Lita, and Trish Stratus. With Bayley's recent Instagram post igniting fan interest in her past confrontation with Hulk Hogan, it's clear that this memorable moment will remain a topic of conversation for some time.

As WrestleMania approaches, fans eagerly await the outcome of Bayley's upcoming match and how it will impact her career in the WWE.

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