Logan Paul Lauds Montez Ford After WWE Elimination Chamber


Logan Paul Lauds Montez Ford After WWE Elimination Chamber
Logan Paul Lauds Montez Ford After WWE Elimination Chamber

After delivering an astonishing performance during his singles pursuit in Saturday's Elimination Chamber, Montez Ford garnered overwhelming admiration from the live Montreal audience. One notable fan in attendance who couldn't help but be impressed was Logan Paul, who later played a pivotal role in the Elimination Chamber.

Paul took to Twitter to express his admiration, stating, "Montez Ford the real MVP." Montez Ford, known for exceptional skills as one-half of the Street Profits tag team, has steadily raised his profile as a singles competitor.

Last night's Elimination Chamber premium live event marked Ford's first singles title match opportunity within WWE. Although he didn't emerge victorious, Ford's performance soared to unprecedented levels as he made it to the final three contenders in one of wrestling's most punishing structures.

Ford's Performance Leads to Elimination

Entering the Elimination Chamber as the last participant, Ford joined forces with Johnny Gargano and Seth Rollins to eliminate Bronson Reed using their signature finishing moves. Subsequently, Ford and Rollins executed a Doomsday Blockbuster to secure the elimination of Damian Priest.

Ford's journey in the chamber ultimately ended when Theory thwarted his Frog Splash attempt by raising his knees, sending Ford tumbling through the ropes. This provided the perfect opening for Rollins to deliver a massive stomp, allowing Theory to score a pinfall on Ford.

As medical personnel escorted Ford out of the chamber, Logan Paul made his move, storming inside to assault Rollins. This paved the way for Theory to capitalize on the situation and successfully retain his United States Championship with an A-Town Down.

Montez Ford's spectacular performance during the WWE Elimination Chamber has undeniably elevated his status as a singles competitor. Garnering praise from fans and fellow wrestlers alike, including the likes of Logan Paul, it's evident that Ford's star is rising.

With such a remarkable display in one of wrestling's most challenging environments, it's safe to say that Montez Ford has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.

Logan Paul Montez Ford Elimination Chamber

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