Triple H Discusses Bad Bunny's Possible WWE Backlash Competing


Triple H Discusses Bad Bunny's Possible WWE Backlash Competing
Triple H Discusses Bad Bunny's Possible WWE Backlash Competing

During Night 1 of WWE WrestleMania 39, Bad Bunny appeared surprised and interfered in the match between Dominik and Rey Mysterio. The rapper stopped Dominik from hitting Mysterio with a chain, cementing his status as a true WWE fan and ally of Mysterio.

Bad Bunny has already proven his wrestling prowess by performing some impressive moves during his previous appearances in the ring, including a diving crossbody from the top rope at the Royal Rumble. Now, Bad Bunny is set to appear at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico next month.

Fans eagerly anticipate whether he will be competing in the ring. During WWE's WrestleMania press conference on Saturday night, Triple H addressed the situation and revealed that the door is always open for the rapper if he wants to step back into the squared circle.

Triple H Praises Bad Bunny's Wrestling Passion and Respect

Triple H praised Bad Bunny's dedication to training and respect for the business, noting that the "Mia" hitmaker grew up watching WWE and always talks about the old days during their conversations.

He added that celebrities such as Bad Bunny, Logan Paul, and Pat McAfee have "no right" to be as talented as they are early in their wrestling careers. Bad Bunny's passion for wrestling has been evident throughout his career.

He has previously stated that his dream was to become a WWE wrestler. He even incorporated his love for the sport into his music video for "Booker T." It's clear that his love for WWE has not gone unnoticed, as he was awarded the WWE 24/7 Championship during one of his appearances on Monday Night Raw.

Whether Bad Bunny will step back into the ring at WWE Backlash remains to be seen, but his presence will inevitably make for an exciting event. As Triple H stated, "Puerto Rico is coming," and with Bad Bunny at the helm, it's sure to be a blast.

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