Cody Rhodes Denies Stroke in WWE, Too Young for AEW Backstage Role.


Cody Rhodes Denies Stroke in WWE, Too Young for AEW Backstage Role.
Cody Rhodes Denies Stroke in WWE, Too Young for AEW Backstage Role.

Former AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes recently clarified his role in WWE in a recent appearance on "The Rich Eisen Show." He confirmed that he is purely a wrestler in the company and has no executive duties or decision-making power, unlike in his former position at AEW.

Rhodes expressed his satisfaction with his current situation, stating that he is defined by his performance and wrestling skills alone. He emphasized that focusing solely on his in-ring performance feels nice without additional responsibilities.

Rhodes' Thoughts on AEW Executive Role

However, this was only sometimes the case in AEW. During the company's early days, Rhodes suggested that AEW President Tony Khan's hesitance be out in front of the product enabled him to distance himself from being "just a wrestler." Rhodes also had executive duties, but he believes he may need to be younger and more mature for the job.

Rhodes thinks he may have taken on too many responsibilities while still having plenty to accomplish in the ring. Despite this, he didn't regret his time with AEW and enjoyed every second. He fondly reflects on his time with the company, stating that it was a wild ride.

Looking ahead, Rhodes is excited about WrestleMania and its ability to bring together the entire wrestling community. He looks forward to performing in front of the passionate wrestling fans who celebrate the event. Rhodes' comments shed light on the complexities of balancing executive duties and in-ring performance.

While he enjoyed his time as an executive in AEW, he acknowledges that he may not have been ready for the role then. Nonetheless, he reflects fondly on his time with the company and is excited about his wrestling situation in WWE.

Overall, Rhodes' story highlights the importance of finding the right balance in life and career. While taking on new challenges can be rewarding, evaluating whether the timing is right and being honest about one's abilities and limitations is essential.

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